About Us

Hi, we’re 2 fans of Doki Doki Literature Club and Monika especially. We made this site to share information about Monika and spread some joy around~ Hopefully you feel the same as we do.

I first played DDLC in 2019 and found the game so inspiring. Even though it’s a psychological horror game, it has some very uplifting moments and I felt so much like these characters were speaking to my heart.

I had given up on trying to do anything creative because I felt like I wasn’t talented enough, but Monika showed me that I do have worth and my efforts are never in vain. Even in the dark moments, hope managed to shine through.

Game popularity can fade over time but DDLC still has a very passionate fanbase over 5 years since it was released. That’s because it continues to be relevant to those who played it. It has stayed with me for all these years and many feel the same.

Anyway, we are big fans of anime in addition to DDLC. In our spare time, we like watching anime series, or other interesting films and shows. I also love traveling whenever I get the chance.

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