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Just Monika Nendoroid Action Figure - Doki Doki Literature Club!

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Hey everyone,

What do you think of Monika from Doki Doki Literature Club? Isn’t she great? Well, I think so. Monika is the club president and the other club members are Sayori, Yuri, and Natsuki. All four characters are great and adorable, but I think I have to choose Monika if I were to pick my favorite.

This Monika Nendoroid figure is a design of Monika in chibi form. Chibis are like smaller, super cute versions of the regular character in anime. This figure is made by Goodsmile which is a Japanese company that makes these figures of lots of different characters from anime and video games.


The Monika Nendoroid comes with 3 face plates and 2 different body types – one standing up and one sitting down – as well as different arms for creating poses, stationary, a desk, display stand, dialogue cards, and a cardboard background of her classroom.

Face Plates

Her face plate are a happy smile, a smug smile, and her “jump scare” face from the game. The happy smile is really good for her standing pose. This is kind of her main face plate that gets shown a lot in pictures of her.

Her smug smile looks really good with her sitting at her desk with her hands folded beneath her chin, which is her pose from act 3 of her game. Also, the jump scare face works best with her sitting down if you want to create the scene from the game, but all 3 face plates will work with any pose you choose.

Body Types

The 2 body types have her standing up or sitting down on a chair. Both the standing up and sitting down poses do require using the clear stand support to keep her upright.

I’m not sure if the stand support is something that all Nendoroids use or if it’s just for Monika, because I have never owned any other Nendoroids besides this one. But the Monika figure will need the support stand or else she will easily fall over.

As for the arm and hand pieces, this Monika Nendoroid has several so you can place her in different poses. The one with her hands folded together is actually a single piece, and it is for her sitting down position.

Her hand types for the standing position are 1 regular left hand, 1 regular right hand, 1 right hand holding her red pen with the heart shape at the end, and 1 left hand that can hold her stationary.


Now for the accessories! I think the accessories are really cool. First, there are her desk and chair. These look just like a real classroom desk and they are really cute.

I should mention the desk has a space inside it where you can put Monika’s stationary, just like a real desk. Of course, you can also put the stationary on top of the desk as part of her sitting down pose.

The stationary included is a poem, a notebook, a “Just Monika” card with a clear stand, and dialogue cards with different phrases and a display stand. I should mention that the stationary is printed on cardboard and you have to cut these out with scissors, so be careful staying on the lines when you cut them out!

There’s even an online option to print out your own dialogue cards with whatever phrases you choose. Of course, you would want to print these out on card stock paper for the best appearance, but I think even regular paper would work.

Finally, I should point out the classroom background which is included in the box. It looks like part of the box, but if you want you can take it out and put it behind the Monika Nendoroid. It’s not required, but it is a cool option if you want to use it.

Oh yeah, when you first open the box you will find all the stationary behind the classroom background. I brought this up because it can be a little confusing since the background looks like part of the box, so when I opened it I couldn’t find the stationary at first and thought it was missing! Good thing I checked behind the background LOL!

Additional Information

Here’s some more information if you like the Monika Nendoroid and are thinking about buying it. If you are familiar with Nendoroids you would probably know this already. But if you’re not familiar with Nendoroids, I wanted to let you know this figure is mostly for displaying.

It has a lot of parts such as the arms and hands that can fall out and get lost if you’re moving it around a lot or not storing the parts somewhere. It’s not recommended for babies or small children because the parts could be a choking hazard.

Or if you’re letting older kids play with it, they may lose the parts or get frustrated with it coming apart so easily. This isn’t a complaint or anything, I just want to make any buyers aware that Nendoroids are more considered a display item than a toy.


This is probably obvious but I love this Monika Nendoroid! Any fan of DDLC or Monika will love it and should get one of these if you have the ability to do so.

It’s really well designed and in full detail. Her face expressions and uniform all have great details and are nicely painted. I also like how her desk and chair look so realistic.

I would say this figure is sturdy and put together well. Like I pointed out earlier, the arm pieces can come out easily if you are moving her around a lot or not treating her with care, but you might be wondering if this is an issue when she’s on display.

I’m happy to say this hasn’t been an issue for me. Also, moving the display from one place to another hasn’t been a problem for me. As long as you’re not treating the figure roughly you shouldn’t have any issues with it coming apart.

I did feel a little nervous changing her face plates at first. I was afraid I was going to break it. But that’s just me. I did get more used to it over time.

Where To Buy Monika Nendoroid Action Figure?

Well me personally I am going to say Amazon since I buy most of my things from them and I can’t really find this Monika Nendoroid action figure locally.


Monika Nendoroid Action Figure

What’s In The Box?

Here’s a list of everything you will get inside the box.

    • Monika figure
    • 3 face plates
    • Desk
    • Chair
    • Hand parts (one with red pen)
    • Stationary and dialogue cutout sheet
    • Display stand
    • Support pieces for Monika figure, stationary card, and dialogue card
    • Classroom background

Monika Nendoroid Action Figure Review

This Monika Nendoroid is averaging very high ratings from reviewers. Everyone seems to love this Monika figure a lot, and I agree with them!

I would definitely give it a 5 out of 5 stars!


  • High quality, beautifully designed figure.
  • Great for displaying without taking up too much space.
  • Variety of poses.
  • Classroom background is included.
  • Cute dialogue cards with option to make more online.


  • A lot of small pieces that are easy to get lost if you don’t store them carefully.
  • Changing the face plates and parts may seem difficult at first.
  • Some people don’t like her jump scare face because it’s too scary. But I think it’s kind of cute!

Bottom Line

Bottom Line: The bottom line is this Monika Nendoroid is really great! It’s a great collectible item for anyone who loves Monika or DDLC. Click here to read more about this adorable Monika Nendoroid.

What Do You Think Of This Monika Nendoroid?

Do you agree with me that it’s super adorable? Or maybe you’re not a fan of Monika. Either way, I would love to hear your feedback.

Personally, I am really glad I purchased this figure. I’m hoping to also get the Natsuki, Yuri, and Sayori figures. But even if I can’t get them I will be perfectly happy with Just Monika!

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