Doki Doki Literature Club Hat Review

I Would Love To Own This DDLC Hat

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This is a pretty nice looking Doki Doki Literature Club hat or cap. It is great for a DDLC collector to add to their collection. I wouldn’t mind owning this cap and yes I am a girl.

I usually wear this kind of cap to go out for my outdoor activities.  Even though it is pink, guys can still own this cap. There are guys who requested this cap as a present. So there is nothing wrong with wanting this cap as long as you are happy with it.

The front of the cap has the Doki Doki Literature Club logo on it. The side of the cap has our four main cute characters imprinted on it. They are Monika, Yuri, Natsuki, and Sayori.

I especially love how Monika and Sayori have big happy smiles on the hat. It certainly can brighten up your day when you are looking at it. Who is your favorite character if you have to pick one?

As for me, my favorite character is Monika. I like the way she looks with her hair and I especially love her emerald green eyes. The other girls are nice too but Monika is my preference.


There are really not that many features to talk about for a hat or cap. It is a great way to block the sun from shining through to your eyes. As you can see from below big image the hat is made out of fabric. It has a snap-on closure. This can be used to adjust the width of the hat.

I mean if you have a bigger head then you can make the cap to be looser or tighter if you have a smaller head. It is as simple as that. By the way, this cap is officially licensed.

Where To Buy

You can buy the Doki Doki Literature Club cap from a lot of online retailers. As of today January 26, 2023, I have checked that amazon has the lowest price and it is selling for $19.99 by a third-party seller. Other places are selling it a lot higher. Will you be buying one today?


Doki Doki Literature Club Hat

Doki Doki Literature Club Hat Review

The average rating for this Doki Doki Literature Club hat is very high. It has an average rating above 4.5, and over 100 users who bought this hat have given it a rating. With a high average rating, that means the buyers who bought this cap are very happy with their purchase.


  • Great to be used for fans of any of the 4 characters.
  • It looks nice and cute with a great design.
  • It has beautiful art imprinted on it.
  • Easily adjust the hat to fit your head comfortably with the snap-on closure.
  • It shows everyone that you are a great fan of DDLC.


  • It is a little more expensive than your average normal cap but it is worth buying.
  • The seller might need better packaging when shipping the item. Who knows, they might have changed to better packaging already.

Bottom Line

Bottom Line: This is a very nice cap to be used for outdoor activities. It is an excellent item to be given as a gift to a teenager. Nowadays, kids love animation. So this cap is a good buy and not to mention it has a high average rating in my opinion. Click here to read more reviews or read more about this DDLC cute hat.

What Do You Think Of This Hat?

Care to share your thoughts about this Doki Doki Literature Club hat or cap? Would you be getting one for yourself or others as a gift? Or no, you don’t want it because it is too girlie for you?

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